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Song Writing Services

Silver Chord Records provides song-writing services. Do you have an idea for a song, but just can't seem to find the right lyrics or tune? Or do you have lyrics or a poem, but just need someone to complete the project and add music to your poem? We offer both services at Silver Chord Records. Simply e-mail us with your name and idea and we will give you a price quote.


Some artists under Silver Chord Records can provide music for your wedding or party. Just e-mail us with a description of the type of function you are having, a theme if there is one, and style/type of music you would like to have played and we will give you a price quote. Please note that Silver Chord Records may only choose to perform at parties and weddings that are local or within the surrounding area. At least three months advance notice is needed to book an artist for a party. Also, please be sure to indicate how long you'd like to have music during your party or wedding.